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Please note that we do not have a retail store and this is the address of our US Headquarters / Manufacturing and Fulfillment Plant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Specifications

What's the difference between Pre-Galvanized and Post-Galvanized?

Pre-galvanized products are galvanized prior to forming / shaping. Because the metal is in a flat form prior to shaping, the end-products generally offers a “cleaner” appearance. Post-galvanized products are hot dipped in a galvanized bath after the product is created, in order to protect it from exterior elements.

I am looking for a part size not listed. Is it possible you have it / can make it?

Yes, very possible. SteelFront is the retail arm of Wifco Steel Products, Inc., a supplier of a range of custom steel products since 1989. The bulk of our core business consists of creating custom solutions for clients of all sizes.

Please contact us for custom quotes or any other inquiries, and we will respond promptly.

Are most of your products raw steel?

Most products contain a drop-down menu specifying whether or not the product is available as finished (galvanized) or not. We may be able to galvanize certain products not stated as such on this website, however. Products on this site are the most commonly created, although we are capable of galvanizing most items.

Do you offer any painted (other than galvanized) options?

Yes. For painting, please contact us. While we are capable of painting products a range of colors, we do not create them in bulk but do it every day for clients of all sizes.

Do you sell pre-assembled walkways, stairways and crossovers?

Yes, absolutely. Because of the specific demands / needs of each project, we do not list many steel walkways, stairways and crossovers on this website. Most stairways, walkways and crossovers created by SteelFront are specific to the job at hand. Please contact us to get started.

Do you sell pre-assembled storage tanks / vessels?

Yes, absolutely. SteelFront makes a range of small storage tanks / vessels but does not list them on this site due to the nature of the product. Please contact us to discuss product inventory, pricing and shipping, and we will respond promptly.

Shipping and Fulfillment

What countries do you ship to?

At the moment, SteelFront only ships to the United States, although we offer custom / bulk shipping to Canada as well. Please contact us for such and order.

How long does it take to fulfill, then ship, an order?

Unless specified on the product description, in-stock items have a fulfillment window of approximately hours to 2 days. Most in-stock items will be processed immediately.

Certain items may be in-stock but require extra fulfillment time. Such information will be posted right on the product’s individual page right above the drop down boxes or Add to Cart button.

What is your cutoff before an order is shipped as freight?

70lbs. This number is approximately the same for most shipping services including ours, FedEx.